Family Office Captain

Lauren Fischer

Lauren is an experienced finance and operations executive with deep acumen in business operations, strategic firm initiatives, and an entrepreneurial spirit. Prior to joining Ark, Lauren served as the Director of Operations and Chief Compliance Officer for a quantitative hedge fund where she oversaw the execution of the business, creating and implementing many of the business and regulatory processes from the ground up, while also overseeing and optimizing the client onboarding process. Lauren’s talents are around organizational efficiency and getting things done.

Lauren graduated from Texas A&M University with honors with a bachelor’s degree in International Studies, Minor in Communications. Lauren and her husband, Dave, are both native Texans and have lived in the Austin area for over 10 years. They are also very involved in the community and are passionate about adoption where they serve adoptive and foster care children and families through organizations such as The Austin Stone and Teen Reach Adventure Camp. They have also adopted a son of their own.


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