David Bull, CEO

As the Chief Executive Officer, David is responsible for managing and directing Ark’s overall vision and strategy. David also serves as a Family Office Captain for many of Ark’s valued clients. Glorifying God, creating long-lasting financial prosperity, and optimizing growth have been key focal points to David’s mission as co-founder of Ark. Learn More

Matt Goff, Chief Investment Officer

As the Chief Investment Officer, Matt is responsible for investment strategy and asset allocation decisions for all of Ark’s clients.  In addition, Matt leads the team of investment advisors and continues to serve as a personal advisor to many of the firm’s valued clients. Learn More

Kevin Mischnick, Family Office Captain/Chief Financial Officer

Kevin serves as a family office captain for many of Ark’s valued clients. Also the Chief Financial Officer, Kevin is responsible for providing strategic guidance to Ark’s vision and plans for growth and oversees infrastructural and administrative challenges.  Learn More

Nick Warren, Family Office Captain/Chief Operating Officer

Nick serves as a Family Office Captain for many of Ark’s valued clients. And as the Chief Operating Officer, Nick is responsible for leading and managing the Ark team.  Learn More

Jonathan Billiot, Senior Project Manager
Lauren Fischer, Family Office Captain

Lauren is an experienced finance and operations executive with deep acumen in business operations, strategic firm initiatives, and an entrepreneurial spirit.

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Dan Rioux, Family Office Captain

Dan, originally from New Hampshire, attended Texas State University on a baseball scholarship. He graduated with a degree in Engineering Technology.

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Joshua Hankins, Investment Analyst

Joshua Hankins is an investment analyst in the Ark Wealth Management practice. He researches the investments, markets, and current affairs to guide Ark’s investment decisions.

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Chris Chapman, Operations Specialist
Jessie Barnes, Business Administrator
Helina Craft,New Business Administrator
Alexandra Goff, Project Coordinator


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