Ark Academy Manager

Nick Warren

Nick curates online mastermind of first-generation entrepreneurs and is dedicated to teaching those subscribers how to live more abundantly by creating and operating their very own family office

Gifted with a kindred Entrepreneur spirit, after holding multiple Chief Operating Officer positions for small businesses, Nick went on to co-found and exit a successful construction company. Nick then went on to work for Dell, assisting the Senior VP of Server Engineering and Security to design an organization that was committed, successful, and contributed to the companies overall growth. Exiting Dell, Nick then went on to found a fractional COO firm, specializing in Entrepreneurs’ ability to grow their at-home business into a full-scale career.

Nick and his wife Monica of 25 years have 3 kids and live in their home in north Austin. When Nick isn’t solving tough client challenges you are likely to find him cooking and baking in the kitchen or on a sailboat. Nick & Monica are active in their St. Thomas Moore Catholic Church and focus on marriage ministry and fertility.


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